Bad Things Happen

We live in a world where bad things happen. Bad things happening don’t cause stress and suffering, that happens when we fight what happens.

Body Shape and Depression

We know what a depressed person looks like and how they hold themselves. Change the way you hold yourself and you will change your emotional state.

Body Shape and Anxiety

Anxiety is a high adrenalin state with a very particular breathing pattern associated with it. Here is something you can do about anxiety.

The Autonomic Nervous System

The Human Autonomic Nervous System is broken into 2 branches the Sympathetic Nervous System and the Parasympathetic Nervous System. This video explains how this relates to stress-proofing.

The Rapid Response Team

As soon as we perceive a threat or imagine one, an ancient process begins. Deep in our Limbic Brain we have something that responds much like a rapid response SWAT team, responding to danger 10 times faster than other parts of our brain. This video explains why that is and how it helps us to stress-proof ourselves.

The Triune Brain

This term was coined by Dr Maclean and made famous by Peter Levine Ph.D. author of “Waking the Tiger”. Under stress we get less intelligent and more reactive. In this video we explain why nothing is broken in this picture, we are literally designed to react this way.

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