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“Chris Balsley has a talent and passion to bring the power of the body and embodiment to learning and personal change.  We don’t change if our bodies don’t change – we must embody the change we seek.  Chris is superb at introducing audiences to the relevance of embodied learning.  He quickly produces productive engagement in such learning.”
Robert Dunham,
Founder of The Institute for Generative Leadership 09′

“I was thrilled and full of excitement and it held my interest the entire weekend. What an amazing piece of art TRE is–in so many ways. Thank you Chris”

11.27.12 Singapore
I have been a transformational trainer and executive coach for over twenty five years.  In that time, I have participated in and been exposed to almost every learning tool imaginable.  I found my participation in the TRE Level 1 workshop and my personal practice of TRE to be the best technique I have learned in at least fifteen years.  I am a better trainer and coach because of TRE and I have found a way to release the stress in my life in a simple and healthy way.  I have lost 25 pounds and sleep through the night – two things I was struggling with for three years.  I highly recommend Chris Balsley and the TRE workshop.  I look forward to my Level Two certification.
Beth Hollahan
MEH Consulting Group
Trainer and Country Manager
AsiaWorks Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Denver, CO, USA and Singapore


All in all, the training was amazing, far beyond my expectations, and one where I left with real tools for effective and lasting change. Thank you for your gifts and for sharing your genius.
Jean – New York

The workshop was far more than I expected.  Yes, I gained the skills that I was seeking, yet I gained much more – I gained a way to change some stubborn patterns in my life which are already showing grounded (and exciting!) results in the areas that are most important – relationships with my loved ones, my work and my general sense of happiness.
S.S. ~ Boulder CO.
Mom and therapist                                                                                                                   2012

By the end of the workshop, I was totally pain free and the pain has not returned! This, to me, seems nothing short of miraculous!!!  I also noticed a profound peace of mind, after doing the TRE, a clarity reminiscent of the feeling I get during deep meditation…The presentation of this technique was beautifully done by Chris. Not only was it informative, but also he is heartfelt about sharing this knowledge and does it in an open and entertaining way. This is ABSOLUTELY one of the best workshops I have ever taken.
T.W. ~ Telluride CO.

“Chris is a masterful trainer, coach and Level III Tension Release Trainer. He embodies a very grounded, respectful and resourceful approach to stress management. He has an amazing ability to translate complex information into simple understandable language so a whole range of people from widely varying backgrounds easily digests it. He embodies a peaceful warrior”
J.A. Canada
Trainer/ Therapist

I’m writing this message to you in hopes that you will be once again amazed by TREs and the positive influence on a person. I’m a scientist/engineer by training and have little background in body work or “alternative medicines”. I have to admit I was skeptical at first to try TREs as everything else I’ve tried over the past three months has failed to relief my lower abdominal/pelvic pain. For three months I’ve been poked, tested, CT scanned, ultrasounded, blood tested, and evaluated by traditional western medicine doctors. Although they truly did want to help me, they found nothing wrong with my body. With my pain level steadily increasing from 3 out of 10 to 8 out of 10 the doctors did prescribe me a variety of pain killers. I’m not one for taking drugs, but the pain was unbearable and it was hard to be a father to my 3 small boys or to be an employee to make an income for my family. I began to have to take pain killers and found that although they did relieve some pain, the side effects were horrific to me. I reached the end of the rope and decided I would try anything…and that’s when I came to your TRE workshop. It was that day, my life changed for the better. It was that day I got centered and regained control of what was happening to me. It was that day I got faith in getting better. TREs did more for my pain in just 10 minutes, than traditional medicine had done in 3 months. Yes, I still had and have pain, but now I’m healthy with a pain level that is manageable for me without the use of ANY MORE NARCOTICS (YES!). In conjunction with TREs, I’m on a stringent health food diet, continue to exercise routinely (as I have for 20 years), hot tub twice per week, and take a small variety of health herbs. Out of everything I’m doing to help my body heal, I’ve found that TREs all by themselves are 75% of the success I’m experiencing. Everything else combined is only 25%. The training you provided me is not only lesser expensive (especially compared to the surgeries and medical co-pays I was paying), it is lifelong, applicable to my career success, bettering to my parenting, and helping me be a better spouse….the best part is that the cost of these tools moving forward is free. I can’t thank you enough for the extreme positive influence you and your training has provided to me and my family. I have life again and I will not only make it….I will win.

S.G. Engineer,
Dad and Husband

“This man has an extraordinary talent to connect and teach people.
God bless him.”
—Student BCMT 06′

“Chris is the man. A natural born teacher.”
—Student BCMT 06′

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